Some months ago I was searching for a nerd-style command-line based presentation tool and stumble across vtmc. I really liked the demo presentation, and the color fading feature blew me away. But as I didn’t like the concept of running node.js in a non client-server architecture, I thought about writing a similar tool without dependencies to an interpreter.

The second project which came to my knowledge lately was remarkable. A markdown editor for Linux written in python, which I really like. The syntax used in vtmc is quiet hard to memorize for a lazy guy like me, but markdown is used everywhere (in wikis, blogs, on github, etc.). So the idea evolved to combine the advantages of vtmc and the markdown language.

I always wanted to teach me some C programming. And this was finally a project, which was challenging enough to do so. So in the last weeks I went on to implement it. I had a really great time, and it was totally fun to implement such a project in a language so close to the hardware.

Now, after 5 weeks of spare time development, I finally uploaded a almost feature-complete (at least from my perspective) version to GitHub. Everything is completely written from scratch (beside ncurses). As the main purpose was to learn C programming, I added a lot of comments to the code. Maybe you find this helpful if you are in a similar position like me.

Now I need some beta testers, some ideas and helping hands to improve it. That’s why I would like to ask, if you are interested in joining my little project. Maybe you would like to download it and try? Or maybe check the code and / or improve it?

Hopefully I’m not the only nerd who likes it. :D